All over the world, in 108 communities across 14 countries, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools instructors welcome children into the 90° pool to teach them everything they need to know for a lifetime of water safety. On occasion, adults inquire about lessons for themselves, curious whether they can still develop the swimming skills they need. And sometimes…just sometimes…those adults work for Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Franchise Headquarters.
This is one such story…or two.
Marketing Coordinator Brittany and Senior Designer Jessika began working at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Franchise Headquarters in January 2019, and it wasn’t long before their team members realized that these gifted gals were more comfortable making a splash in the office than in the water.


“I remember when our team found out that we couldn’t swim,” said Jessika. “My manager jumped out of her chair, raced down the hallway and came back five minutes later and told me, ‘You’re getting swim lessons. You’re going to learn to swim at Aqua-Tots.’ I couldn’t believe it. I had spent my whole life in the shallow end, so the idea of learning how to swim—really swim—was overwhelming and exciting.”


Their lack of swimming ability, however, wasn’t for lack of exposure to the water.


“Growing up in Arizona, I was around water my whole life,” said Brittany. “But when I was six, my parents signed me up for swim lessons at a community pool. I was supposed to jump off the diving board, and I didn’t want to, so mid-air, I grabbed hold of the diving board and wouldn’t let go. A lifeguard had to come get me and help me down. I still have scars of my arms from the diving board that day.”

“When I was nine, I went swimming with my brother,” said Jessika. “We held onto the edge of the pool and scooted our way down to the deep end. My brother let go but didn’t realize how deep it was, and he got scared and pulled me under. That’s when I realized how dangerous the water could be if you didn’t know how swim.”


Aqua-Tots Swim Instructor Clare came alongside Brittany and Jessika to help them overcome their apprehension around the water.


“I cried during my first lesson,” said Brittany. “That’s how scared I was. But Clare was so calm and encouraging. She was patient with me and really calmed me down.”


Jessika felt similarly about Clare. “She instantly helped me feel comfortable in the water. I was excited to learn to swim, and now Clare is the reason that I can.”


Today, Brittany and Jessika have a different perspective around the water.


“Learning to swim as an adult changed my life,” said Brittany. “It gave me the courage to try other things that I was too scared to do when I was younger. I will always be grateful for the gift I was given in learning to swim.”


“When I was learning to swim, I had one primary motivation,” said Jessika. “My husband and I were taking the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii, and I was determined to go snorkeling with him. And I did it! I had never had the courage to go into the ocean before, and it was amazing. When I was swimming through the water, I was shocked at how fast I could go, and I was like, ‘Hey! Look at me!’”


Whether you’re cheering on a 4 month old, 4 year old or 40 year old—from the red chairs or from the pool yourself—Brittany and Jessika are here to remind you that it’s never too late to learn how to swim safely.
Post by Aqua-Tots Head Quarters, Arizona
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